5 Tips for Starting CPAP

March 19, 2019 Uncategorized
  1. Have an open mind – you may surprise yourself
  2. Rent a CPAP unit and mask from a distributor that has a good track record providing service and is competitive with costs
  3. Try different masks to find the best mask for you
  4. Most patients tolerate fixed CPAP device – don’t be talked into purchasing an autotitarating CPAP Unit unless you have had difficulties with the fixed CPAP unit
  5. Only buy a CPAP unit and mask once you have rented for a minimum of one month and you can see that CPAP is more a benefit than a burden. If CPAP is more a burden make sure you see a sleep physician before committing to buying the unit

Warning – if you have had a diagnostic test through a sleep diagnostic group who sells CPAP and as part of the “marketing pitch” you are warned that without CPAP you cannot drive and may suffer significant health issues walk away and seek a second opinion.